Bethesda Outreach

Blessed to make a donation and visit to Bethesda Outreach in Hammanskraal. Thanks to Andrew Dodd for sharing their vision and great work they are doing for God in reaching out and taking care of the orphans.

Loreto Convent School Visit

Wonderful opportunity to share with the Loreto Convent Gr 11 girls on Tuesday and the Gr 8 girls on Wednesday on:
*Respect for the body each of us has been given and for the Creator of that body.
*Respect for the wonder of reproduction
* Respect for her future and an understanding that sexual activity can have a profound effect on her health and happiness for the rest of her life
* Respect for marriage as the appropriate context of sexual expressionĀ 
But above all share the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

BIG thanks to the Gr 12 girls for donating baby products to the Centre!